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Energetic Integrity is a teaching by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine which describes the deep responsibility we have towards each other at every level of our interactions.

It was a teaching that completely transformed Yasmin’s practise, “I came to understand that the true care that I bring to myself is the true care that I can bring to others, it can never be the other way around.”

“If you can’t look after yourself whatever it is you share with somebody else, they can feel that you are not living it, therefore there is no opportunity for them to be inspired. All the good intentions we have for others cannot hold any power if we don’t hold ourselves with the same love and care we want for others.”

“In the past I have cared for others before deeply caring for myself and this is still something that occassionally comes up for me but which I have turned around in a big way. The major stop I got to really look at this was when I discovered a breast tumor 8 years ago. There is nothing like a major health scare to stop and look at how you are living.”

Now I bring an energetic quality and integrity to how I am first before I go into doing and tending to others needs. It is not about being perfect but it is being willing to see where we are energetically not supporting ourselves and then making the changes that are needed. This has given me more energy to now truly support others and is a responsibility I have discovered I have, not only towards myself, but to everyone else as well. It is this Energetic Integrity – an integrity that goes beyond surface gestures to the way I am living daily life – that has become foundational to my life and practise.

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