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I was at Byron Bay on holiday over NYE, and lucky enough to get a spontaneous appointment with Yasmin Lang in the studio at the beach. My back was in pain from a surfing lesson two days before, and my whole upper body was tight.

The massage Yasmin gave me was one of the best I have ever received in my life. She has an amazing, gentle yet firm touch, and seemed to know exactly which part of my back caused what kind of pain. We only had half an hour but my shoulders and back felt relaxed and softened afterwards, my whole body felt healed, and the fact that I could sense an energy coming from her hands, made the massage even more amazing; as if I was floating. I am certain that if I hadn’t seen Yasmin, my back would have caused me grief for days to come.

I can only highly recommend Yasmin – I wished she lived in the UK, as I would surely consult her on a regular basis!


Whilst in Byron Bay holiday from Sydney, Yasmin provided treatments to 9 members of my family and they all agreed it was a fantastic experience . I would highly recommend Yasmin’s professional Massage services


I went to Yasmin as I had a inflammatory condition in the back of my eyes, I have tried a lot of therapist and found Yasmin to be the best and most helpful. Leaving each session very relaxed and feeling 100% better. Thank you Yasmin for your care.


Yasmin has been coming to my home for almost a year to give me a massage each fortnight. I have found and continue to find Yasmin a very proficient worker and it is a pleasure to be in her presence. She is very knowledgeable, and we have lots of interesting talks. She loves what she is doing and I feel the benefit of her working on my “poor old body”. It is no bother for Yasmin to come to my home to give me my massage and I am most grateful for that, and I hope she will continue to come. I class her as a dear friend.

Ella Lucas, 84 yrs.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of receiving Esoteric Massage from Yasmin Lang over the last 4 years.

I have had many massages in my life but Yasmin is literally one of the best. I highly recommend her.

She has massaged both of my teenage children and their response has been wonderful and of joy. We all have left her clinic room feeling relaxed, nurtured, very calm and still and refreshed. She works with the whole family if needed.

Michelle Connors

I found Yasmin punctual and efficient in every thing she did. There was a feeling of trust that allowed me to let go of any anxiety I might have had. This allowed me to get much more from the massage. The integrity and professionalism that Yasmin worked in was of the highest level. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist.


I have had a number of massages with Yasmin, some of these were during my last pregnancy. Yasmin is so caring in her approach and my body has thoroughly enjoyed her massages, as have I!

If you are ever in the Byron/Ballina area I highly recommend you book a session with Yasmin and experience the amazingness of what she offers.

​Robyn Jones

After my mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness, we both decided to go in to discuss the benefits of a palliative care massage. I really didn’t know what would happen. I was pleasantly surprised at how caring and warm the atmosphere was. Everyone was so compassionate towards my mother and her illness. I was very grateful to be able discuss my concerns and have my questions answered. My mother has been thoroughly enjoying her experience during the sessions and her mood lately is the best I’ve seen.

Laura, 38

I have been getting massages for a couple of months now and it has gotten rid of a tremendous amount of pain. I have much more movement in my joints than before. For a while, I was having trouble moving them and could barely get out of bed. The most convenient thing though, is that the therapist can travel to my home! It has made life much easier and taken away the worry of leaving the house.

Charlotte, 72

In the past I wouldn’t regularly get massages. I started to see Yasmin to support with the pain and tension in my body after I would run half marathon’s. The massages were amazing and I now see Yasmin regularly in consultation with my physiotherapist. I absolutely love the massages and would highly recommend Yasmin as a remedial massage therapist.

Joan, Byron Bay