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Massage treatments for Families

Yasmin can come to your home and provide a series of massages for multiple members of the family. Many families find this a benefit, particularly parents with teenagers who are seeking support for their state of wellbeing.

Yasmin has found that many teenagers thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to connect and have the space to open up about what is going on through a very unimposing massage and supportive debrief.


Whilst in Byron Bay holiday from Sydney, Yasmin provided treatments to 9 members of my family and they all agreed it was a fantastic experience . I would highly recommend Yasmin’s professional Massage services

Robert, Sydney

Sacred Esoteric Healing Sessions

As well as Esoteric Massage Yasmin also offers Sacred Esoteric Healing. This technique uses gentle hands-on healing, supporting you to discard areas of dis-harmony which then enables you to heal the emotional / spiritual issues that may underlie your physical symptoms. This assists in restoring energy, vitality and inner-harmony throughout your body. In a Sacred Esoteric Healing session you remain fully clothed throughout the session. Each healing is tailored to each person.

Sacred Esoteric Healing Pricing

Mobile session rate – Yasmin comes to you

1 hr $120 ($130 for the first session 1.25 hours)
Inquire about discounts for family bookings

Clinic-based session rate – You come to Yasmin

1 hr $90 ($100 for the first session 1.25 hours)

Esoteric Massage supports the release of blockages and hardness in the body to allow you to feel the unexpressed feelings and emotions that have energetically contributed to the bodies current state. This restores one’s natural flow of harmony and true sense of wellbeing.

This gentle massage and unimposing support and understanding provides you the opportunity to re-connect with who you truly are and the harmony within. This sense of harmony is deeper than relaxation, it is a state of stillness and settlement where many have found true and lasting change can begin to take place.

During an Esoteric massage session, the body will begin to release stress, tension, emotions, hardness and the need to control. It the whole body to relax and allows you to experience the beauty and surrender of simply being with you. ​ ​​

Esoteric does not mean ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’ as is commonly assumed, but in this context refers to this place of repose- your innermost a place that is held equally in every human being, irrespective of gender, age or race or place.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of receiving Esoteric Massage from Yasmin Lang over the last 4 years.
I have had many massages in my life but Yasmin is literally one of the best. I highly recommend her.
She has massaged both of my teenage children and their response has been wonderful and of joy. We all have left her clinic room feeling relaxed, nurtured, very calm and still and refreshed.
She works with the whole family if needed.

Michelle Connors,
Ocean shores

Esoteric Massage Pricing

Mobile massage rate – Yasmin comes to you

1 hr $120 ($130 for the first session)
Inquire about discounts for family bookings

Clinic-based Massage rate – You come to Yasmin

1 hr $90 ($100 for the first session)


Email Yasmin Lang using the contact form or phone 0437 866 424.

Yasmin Lang has trained in Esoteric Massage and Sacred Esoteric Healing with Serge Benhayon through the complementary healing and training organisation Universal Medicine. She receives a yearly assessment through the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association, Universal Medicine’s accrediting body and regularly upgrades her qualifications. As a member of the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association (EPA) Yasmin adheres to the EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct– a revolutionary code that supports all aspects of a practitioner’s practise and daily life. You can download the full Code of Ethics and Conduct at The EPA website.