Energetic Facial Release Treatment


Yasmin Lang

Ballina & Byron Bay Massage Therapist

What is Energetic
Facial Release Treatment

Energetic Facial Release is a gentle hands-on healing massage technique that works on clearing long held tension from the face to allow the natural glow to shine through. Working with light massage strokes and a special cream, this beautiful technique is deeply relaxing and restorative and supports an energetic clearing of the build-up of emotion and stress that can express through the face. This unique form of massage is deeply nurturing and healing, not only for the face, but for the whole body and can be a great support for tired puffy eyes, dark circles, forehead frowning wrinkles, heavy cheeks, tightness and clenching of the jaw.

The energetic facial massage can be booked as a half-hour treatment or as part of a Massage or Sacred Esoteric Healing session.  We often don’t realise how the emotions and tensions that we experience in daily life impact our bodies. Over time, unresolved frustration, sadness and stress become etched in the facial expression. While the tension in a sore back is obvious, the subtleties of the tension in our face can often go ignored. Experiencing the Energetic Facial Release massage will give you the opportunity to feel the possibility of ‘facing’ the world free from the tension and worry that may have previously accumulated in the face.

Until you experience what your face feels like after an Energetic Facial Release massage it is hard to describe just how significant the impact of facial stress on the whole body. When this stress is let go of, the whole body and being has the opportunity to feel a much greater settlement and openness in expression. Tension and knotting in the brow and a constant frown, becomes the default when we work in high intensity jobs or are in constant low grade stress.

We often hold tension in the jaw and face and when this massage is experienced some people report having memories surface of the past. Clients have described it as feeling like ‘layers of a mask lifting’. This is a natural process of energetic releasing and healing. Beauticians often refer clients Yasmin to have a facial release massage before they get their hair and make-up done for portrait photography so that they can feel a greater freedom to bring their fullness of expression to a photoshoot. Clients who are experiencing jaw pain or TMJ have reported benefit in having regular Energetic Facial Release massage to support relaxation of the jaw.

Energetic facial release not only treats the face but can support the whole body. It uses light massage strokes and a cream that is specially made for the treatment. This gentle and nourishing form of massage can support a deep feeling of relaxation in the whole body.

  • Gentle Hands-On Massage
  • Supports deep relaxation
  • Supports you to let go of past or current tensions
  • Allows you to bring out your natural glow
  • Supports an energetic clearing of the build-up of emotion and stress
  • Uses a Special Massage Cream especially formulated to support this technique

Benefits of Energetic Facial Release

Energetic facial release generally works the muscles of the face. This supports a subtleness in the face that many haven’t experienced for years. It also allows for a gentle release of tension in the whole body and thus has benefits for both mind and body.

With delicate gentle massage, the light pressure of the fingertips relaxes the tissue where stress is stored. The tightness of the face then becomes relaxed, resulting in a greater ease and openness in the face.

Many people describe a feeling of joy and deep settlement after the massage. While the massage restores a healthy facial glow, it also rejuvenates overall mental well-being, since the relaxing nature of the therapy allows your mind to calm down and let go of negative thoughts.

The mental and physical heaviness of facial tension can be released so that you can begin to enjoy a sense of clarity. Common benefits include:

  • Rejuvenated Sense of Well-Being
  • Reconnection of Body, Mind and Soul
  • Restoration of a Healthy Facial Glow
  • Opportunity to let go of old tensions
  • Increased Clarity and Settlement

Why Choose Us?

At Innermost Harmony, we know that everyday life can accrue unnecessary stress. We also know you don’t have to go it alone.

Offering the best services for facial massage and treatment, our qualified practitioners treat clients with gentle, nourishing care so that they can get the most out of their sessions. Let the worry dissolve and allow your mind to become clear again.

  • Gentle & Nourishing Care
  • Emotional & Physical support
  • Qualified Practitioners
  • Effective Facial Release Treatment
  • Relaxing Atmosphere

Energetic Facial Release
Can Help With

Emotions such as anxiety, frustration, and anger can be experienced for a number of reasons. Unresolved emotions continue to impact us after the incident that triggered them is over. Energetic facial release can help with the ‘letting go’ process and supports relaxation of the mind and body. This greater ease allows us the opportunity for greater clarity in our thought and actions and to feel lighter and improve the quality of our well-being. The long-held tension shows in the face in tension wrinkles (from frowning), dark circles or puffy eyes (lack of sleep) and jaw clenching. The massage assists in being able to identify what is making us tense in the first place. Before the facial release massage you will have an opportunity to talk to the massage therapist about anything that you would like to address in the treatment.

The conversational aspect of the session can support you in your own self-healing process, to access the wisdom that you innately have, around how to deal with your current situation or presenting issue. In this way the massage therapist will empower you to take the session beyond the treatment room, and apply a similar process of reflection in daily life.

In periods of stress, our thoughts can run wild. This is because of the way we have been moving. Running ourselves in drive and stress affects the quality of our thoughts.

Taking a stop moment and allowing ourselves to reconnect to our natural state of being will allow the space for greater clarity. This greater spaciousness supports us to avoid the overwhelm characteristic of stressful periods or the time pressures common in everyday life. Not only does the energetic release treatment relax the face, it can also release tension that has been built up within the body. This provides the ability for the whole body to let go of stress that may have been stored there for years. Can provide support in dealing with:

  • Emotional & Physical Stress
  • Letting go of stresses and tensions held in the face associated with frustration, anger, emotional pain
  • Relaxation of mind and body
  • Feel lighter and improve the feeling of well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This therapy can help release energy, tension and stress that we hold within our face. This gentle hands-on healing massage technique works on clearing long held emotions and tension from the face to allow the natural glow to shine through.

  • This unique form of massage is deeply nurturing and healing, not only for the face, but for the whole body and is a great support for anyone suffering from issues such tired puffy eyes, dark circles, forehead frowning wrinkles, heavy cheeks, tightness and clenching of the jaw.

  • Working with light massage strokes to the face with a specialised cream, this beautiful technique is a powerful way of clearing the build-up of emotion and stress held in the face.

  • $90 1-hour

  • This session is for 1 hour is often combined with an arm and hand massage or can be part of a massage session.