The Universal Self-Care Manual for Carers

‘Your toolkit to self-care’

This inspirational manual has 24 chapters covering many challenging topics. Within each chapter there is a wealth of information and guidance that can make a profound difference in every carer’s life.

The positive shift that can take place in a carer’s life will have an enormous impact on their physical and mental health, improving the quality of care they are able to bring to themselves and the person or people they care for.

This resource has been developed to provide carers with their very own toolkit that is specific to the challenges they face in their role as a carer.

The strategies and support in this manual will be invaluable for carers to access whenever they need support, whether they are a full-time carer, part time carer or are in any form of a caring role.

The manual is filled with information, suggestions and strategies that can help carers overcome some of the many challenges they face each and every day, and it provides them with a true understanding of the importance of the quality of self-care they need to allow for themselves. They will also be encouraged by the true-life examples that are shared within this resource.

The manual supports carers with an understanding on how they can develop their own self-care plan, and how true self-care can positively impact their life, their health, vitality and their connection with themselves, the person they are caring for and all others. It will open the way for them to feel more joy in what they do, and for them to feel into and see the true gift that they give as a carer.

Meet the Authors

The women behind True Universal Care

Yasmin Lang

Yasmin presents from her own experience, depth of understanding and support that she has known and lived while supporting others over the past 30 years. She is able to share a way of caring that not only brings joy and vitality (rather than coming from a place of constant exhaustion), but also supports carers to develop more meaningful relationships with all those around them.

Yasmin is qualified in Grief Counselling and has worked in palliative care nursing and as a counsellor for Lifeline. She has organised and run carers support meetings and continues to provide support and body work through massage therapy to a wide variety of people in care giving roles.

Kerrie Cox

Kerrie is qualified in Mind Body Nutrition, Psychology of Eating and is a holistic health coach. In her field of expertise she has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people from all walks of life.

She has also had the pleasure of developing and presenting a series of Self-Care Workshops (contracted by a not-for-profit organisation) supporting people in caring roles. Through these 2-hour workshops, care givers learned the value and importance of self-care, how to prioritise their needs, the power of thought and observation, the positive impact of tapping into their natural body rhythm and simple strategies that were specific to their many different stressful situations.

Kerrie has gained valuable experience through presenting practical workshops on self-care and has been involved in many in-depth discussions about the many challenges faced every day by those in care giving roles,

allowing her a depth of knowledge to be shared in the self-care manuals, offering undeniable and compelling reasons why true self-care must be the number one priority for all people in a caring role.

Kerrie also facilitates health & wellness and self-care workshops for a variety of industry groups and businesses.