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Oncology massage – a great support as part of end of life care

January 10th 2021

‘End of life care’ is a term not often used or spoken about, and some don’t like hearing the words ‘Pallia ..

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Remedial Massage & Palliative Care: How to support a family member when they are passing over

June 15th 2018

As a remedial massage therapist who works in palliative care, often I have clients who I have only seen once or twice before they ..

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​Just another Byron Bay Massage or a chance for deeper healing: the body talks – but are we listening?

March 02nd 2018

Your dream Byron Bay Holiday begins: You’ve finally arrived at your holiday destination to relax but by day two you end up with ..

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Oncology Massage for people with cancer – the beauty of healing at the end of life.

February 28th 2018

As I leave this morning to give a massage to a client who is in the late stages of cancer, I recall a man I had worked with some y ..

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Me my Mum and Dementia – how massage supported her during her final years

February 23rd 2018

My mother suffered from dementia, and she came to a point when she no longer recognized me or knew my name. Having a conversation ..

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