Aged Care and Palliative Care Treatment


Yasmin Lang

Ballina & Byron Bay Massage Therapist

About Aged and Palliative Care

Treatment will differ depending on the circumstances of the client. Aged care involves providing treatment for elderly persons who require regular support in health and comfort. Palliative care offers complimentary services for people suffering from serious and incurable illnesses.

Overall, aged and palliative care aims to support the emotional and physical needs of the client as well as the needs of their family.

The palliative approach is specifically focused on improving the quality of life for clients who are undergoing life-threatening illnesses. The treatment is designed for creating a positive mental and physical state by reducing painful symptoms. A gentle massage for example, can relax the nervous system and relieve tension in the body.

  • Regular Health Support
  • Better Quality of Life
  • Reduce Painful Symptoms
  • Massage Relaxes Nervous System
  • Supports the Needs of Client and The Needs of the Family

The Benefits of Palliative
Massage and Treatments

Palliative Massage

Begins at diagnosis and during treatment

Can still continue external treatments for illness

Offers massage and reflexology services for the management of symptoms

Relief of stiffness, aches and muscle tension

Relaxes nervous system and reduces stress

Reconnects the mind and body

Provides support in lessening side effects from other treatments

Hospice Care

Does not begin until after the treatment of illness has stopped

Cannot continue outside or external treatments

Does not offer relief of symptoms

Only focuses on emotional care and does not provides physical support

Doesn’t reduce side effects of illness

Limited services and provisions

Massages for palliative care include focus on hands, feet and face.

The reflexology treatment primarily works with the massaging of reflex areas around the feet and hands. It is uses gentle techniques to relieve pain, which is particularly helpful in the upper and lower legs.

In palliative care, massaging the hands has shown to be very effective in providing a sense of calm and comfort for clients. Even at the bare minimum, healing through communication and touch can be profoundly beneficial.

Gentle facial massages can ultimately relieve the tension caused by stress, frowning, jaw clenching and general pain. The sessions are usually done while seated, semi-seated or lying down on a massage table.

Why Choose Us

At Innermost Harmony we understand the essential value of community, which is why we offer regular interaction and friendship. Our professional therapists are committed to ensuring the optimal experience for clients.

Services are carried out with a deep level of care and attention as our team is dedicated to improving the quality of life and well-being.

Wherever you are, we can come to you. The palliative care service is designed for people who have issues with mobility or who cannot travel to see a massage therapist.

Based on your individual needs, our mobile services can perform sessions in private homes, retirement villages, aged care facilities, hospitals and in palliative care.

  • Regular Interaction & Friendship
  • Professional Therapists
  • Deep Care & Attention
  • Mobile Services That Come to You

Problems Massage Can Improve

The massage service can improve:

  • Mood
  • Quality of Life
  • Circulation, Posture & Sleep
  • Immune System
  • Stress, Tension & Muscular Pain
  • Well-Being
  • Shortness of Breath

Massage in palliative care is not a service that can cure illnesses such as cancer. However, it can give you relief from the side effects of external treatments and improve the quality of your life. Regardless of your cancer’s stage, it is still safe to get a light, gentle and relaxing massage.
Yasmin Lang also offers support and counselling for families during this time. She can help you deal with the grief of losing a loved one and the experiences in-between treatment.

What to Expect

Never be afraid to ask questions. Your relationship with the therapist is taken very seriously and we will try to accommodate you as best we can.

Our first session will involve discussion about the illness and the impact it is having. This will give us an idea on how to meet your personal needs and how to improve your well-being. We will also discuss the symptoms and pain you are experiencing as to determine what the best treatment is for your situation.

Family members are welcome if they would like to join the discussion or know any further information regarding the sessions.


Innermost Harmony’s clinic is based in Ballina NSW. Our mobile massage service travels to the following areas: Byron Bay, Bangalow, Ocean Shores and Ballina. Within the Northern Rivers area, we offer aged-care service providers, male and female therapists, mobile visits to your location and one on one support.

New Clinic Address: 70 Dolphin Drive, West Ballina, 2478

Please contact us via phone or email if you require support and services for aged and palliative care.

What Our Client Say

Frequently Asked Questions

  • $90 for 1hr 15min visit Mobile visit $110

    Health Fund rebates apply where applicable

  • Yes. My service is aimed specifically at people who lack the mobility or opportunity to travel to a massage therapist and I offer my sessions in private homes, retirement villages, aged care facilities, hospitals and in palliative care.

  • Light, relaxing gentle massage can be done in a seated or semi-seated position or on a massage table which makes them ideal for people who are able to get out of bed for a short period of time, who are bed-ridden or in a wheelchair. N.B. To determine the best care for you, it is required that you seek your doctor’s approval.

  • While massage doesn’t treat the cancer itself, it may help reduce the side effects caused by conventional treatments and improve quality of life. See Oncology Massage for more information.